Olive Whyte | NEW YORK CITY | [email protected]

I was refered to you by my sister-in-law, she was singing your praises, she said you was great and I should try you for my surgery, I was very skeptical because I am in the United States and your are in the Dominican Republic, However when I got there I was impress by how clean and beautiful the clinic was, I was also impress by your employees, they were polite and friendly.I had a full tummy tuck ,muscle repair and full back lipo.

After the surgery I stayed at a Recovery House, Angela(the owner) was very helpful to my recovery, she helped with nutritious meals, baths …, she picked me up from the Airport and drove me to the clinic and back home, and she was very instrumental to my recovery. I would recommend you to my friends and family, you were very professional and I was very pleased with the way I look after the surgery, the pain was minimal and your experience and knowledge about the surgery was very helpful. Now I feel more confident to go to Santo Domingo for my next surgery.

Crystal | New Jersey |

I found about dr hernandez thru makeme heal.com, i visted his web page, i checked to see if he was a registred and certified doctor, and i e mailed him and then i called him asked about surgery, he told me i should stay in dr for 10 days ….

I flew from new jersey to santo domingo, went to his office, had analisis…. The next day, i had surgery. I stayed at the clinic for two nights. I had a tummy tuck , full back liposculpture and butt augmentation.

His staff was very friendly and pleasant. When i went to sleep at night, my nurse slept on the bed next to me to make sure i was al right. (now i have never heard of that).

On the post op, i stayed in a recovery house close to santo domingo, where i had a maid for the entire time i was there, she cooked all my meals, and washed my clothes…… my results were excellent!!! I went from having a square flat butt to a nice round curved rear end. I had a yucky stomache filled with stretched marks, which is now beautiful and flat really good, i lost 20 pounds and 1 dress size, i could recomend him. !

Berta | Santo Domingo |

Acudí al doctor Hernandez Pizzoglio después de ver muchos de sus trabajos con otras personas y muy confiada por los resultados vistos en ellas, llegue a el con una lista de cosas en mi mente que entendía necesitaba para mejorar mi apariencia.

El doctor Hernandez no solo es un gran cirujano sino que también un excelente asesor. Me explico paso por paso lo que requería para lograr mis objetivos y así comencé mi proceso. 1era Cirugía-perfilar un poco mi nariz(Rinoplastia) e implante de mentón. 2da Cirugía –Lipoescultura. 3era Cirugía Modelar un poco mis mejillas.

Solo me queda agradecerle a Dios por ponerme en manos de este gran medico y ser humano. Todo ha sido un éxito. han pasado varios años de esto y puedo decir que sigo viendo con alegría mis resultados .