Testimonios de Pacientes

Maggie | Las Vegas, USA | [email protected]

Hace unos meses atrás pensaba en hacerme algunos arreglos en mi cuerpo a consecuencia de dos embarazos hechos con cesáreas. Mi cuerpo había perdido la forma que tenía y realmente me sentía atemorizada con hacerme este procedimiento tan delicado.

A finales del mes de septiembre del año 2008 me decidí, y comencé la búsqueda en el internet como cualquier otro paciente en busca de clínicas que practiquen este procedimiento. Indagué hasta más no poder porque quería sentirme segura de ponerme en manos extremadamentes profesionales. Me topé con la página del Dr. Alejandro Hernández Pizzoglio, investigué sobre sus antecedentes, sus trayectorias como profesional en este campo y fue ahí cuando dije: “¡Este es mi doctor!”. Mandé un e-mail y el mismo día en la noche me contestó. Quedé completamente sorprendida al ver que el Dr. Hernández respondió enseguida, diferente a otros doctores que ni siquiera tomaron la molestia en contestarme. Seguí mandando e-mails y vi como el Dr. Hernández me contestaba con mucha amabilidad y paciencia todas mis preguntas y mis dudas. Cuando llamé por primera vez su personal me trató con una amabilidad y profesionalismo tan increíble que de verdad me hicieron sentirme más segura de la decisión que había tomado.

El día 15 de octubre viajé junto a mi esposo desde Las Vegas, Nevada. Seguido llegué me hicieron todos los exámenes necesarios antes de la operación. Al hablar directamente con el Dr. Hernández todos mis temores desaparecieron con su trato tan profesional. La operación se programó para el día 17 de octubre. El Dr. Hernández me realizó unaabdominoplastía , liposucción en la parte baja de la espalda y los muslos..

Cada vez que me veo en el espejo me siento más sastisfecha por haberme puesto en las manos del Dr. Alejandro Hernandez , que además de ser un profesional excelente, es un buen ser humano en todo el sentido de la palabra al igual que su equipo de trabajo y el personal de clínica. Agradecida para siempre,


vgrullonmd | New York, USA | [email protected]

I am writing to tell my story because it should be told. I have been a patient of Dr. Hernandez for almost a decade! I first got breast augmentation back in 1997 with a unreputable plastic surgeon from Dominican republic. I was not happy with the size and appearance. I went bigger in 2000 when I found Dr. Hernandez. I increased my bust size to 34E..

Unfortunately due to life’s circumstances, I suffered a severe car accident. And ruptured my right silicon implants after 9 years of aesthetic bliss. I rushed back again to Dr. Hernandez new facilities in Dominican Republic. Now currently a medical student and having more awareness of the medical field, I insisted to go back to the hands of Dr. Hernandez. In a time of deep worry, Dr. Hernandez and his patient centered staff treated me with the highest standard of care. I had my full trust and confidence in him . I knew that I made the right choice, and he would cure my breast tissue, and I will have a normal life again.

I am very lucky and grateful, that I came across Dr. Hernandez. I would not trade him for ANY U.S plastic surgeon. If I would have the need for surgery in the future, I would travel abroad each and every time. He has many years of experience. I can tell you he has many because I was one of his first patients 🙂 He is excellent at what he does. I will surely recommend him within the medical field in the future when I become a doctor myself 🙂

P.S I took advantage of the opportunity of getting a chin job. And thanks to Dr. Hernandez, I have eliminated a severe overbite-that was only going to be corrected through jaw surgery. I am very happy with my decision because I did not want to go through the process of jaw surgery-since it is very brutal in nature. And now I have a perfect profile. I feel like a movie star now:) And I find it so funny how- now I get stopped every time when I am shopping in NYC. People asking me if I am on TV, cause they recognize me from somewhere. I laugh to myself cause I know it is the new chin 🙂

Moral of Story: I highly recommend chin augmentation, and breast surgery with Dr. Hernandez. He has performed these procedure on me in a 9 yr period. All surgeries were all very successful. And not to mention-all very prestigious work! His facilities in DR, is very high end, comfortable, and staff is untouchable in the warmth and ability to tackle medical emergencies if they arise. They are a power team. I will tell you-you will be extremely pleased with your decision in embarking on a journey into Dr. Hernandez operating room.

I am positive that Dr. Hernandez must feel great pride, in knowing how he has changed my life, and many lives. And many more lives to come, as many more people open there minds to greater change. A change that sets the tone for a new era in your life of confidence..

God Bless, and Good luck, if you have any questions. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

New York, USA

Kolleen | Maryland,USA | [email protected]

Dr. Hernandez & Staff,

After hearing so many good things about Dr.Hernandez at the plastic surgery forum at univision.com. I met him in NYC, and after that I knew that he was going to be the right guy for the job.

I made the best decision I could’ve made in choosing to travel to Dominican Rep all by myself and have Dr.Hernandez perform my surgery. The experience was incredible, it exceeded all my expectations from the state of the art facility that looks straight out of Beverly Hills to the kindness and professionalism that was given to me by both Dr.Hernandez and his staff.I had done Tummy Tuck and liposuction on my back.

The compliments just keep coming, I look at my body everyday and it only gets better.

My recovery at the recovery house was the best, couldn’t’ve asked for more, I was treated like one of her own, cried when I had to go. All in all, this is one of the best experiences of my life and I thank you Dr.Hernandez for the dedication in your work.

Forever greatful!

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