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Anna | Pennsylvania, USA | [email protected]

Hi, just wanted to let anyone interested know that after 1-1/2 years of research, I chose to have my plastic surgery with Dr. Hernandez. I had my surgery May 2008. I found his clinic to be small, intimate, very clean and professional. His staff was quite friendly and spoke English. Because I chose to have elective surgery out of the U.S. I was a little frightened, and asked many questions. Dr. H answered all of my questions, was very honest and point blank told me all that could possibly go wrong. A little unnerving, but I had done my research and knew most of the complications. My results are great. I had a face lift and breast reduction with lift. I still have months to go until full recovery but so far I am loving my results. I found him to be punctual, factual, and charming. Plastic surgery is a very personal surgery, and should not be done unless you know absolutely that you want it, it is not easy and can be quite scary..

Nine weeks after my surgery, I went for my yearly gynecological appointment. During the exam when my physician went to examine my breasts I commented to him before removing my gown, «be gentle», when he saw my breasts his comment was: WOW, when did you have that done? I answered 9 weeks ago, he said well I don’t know who your surgeon was, but they did a fantastic job; you are healing very nicely!» I told him about Dr. H and my experience at the clinic. He asked me many questions, and was very impressed with Dr. H’s work.

Before my surgery I contacted some of the women posted on this testimonal page, I found their support so very helpful. I would like to give back, so if anyone would like to contact me please do so at [email protected] I don’t regret one minute having my surgery and am very very pleased with my results. Each day I like what I see even more. Thank you Dr. Hernandez.


Letty | Arizona , USA | [email protected]

I am writing a personal testimony to confirm that Dr Hernandez remains dedicated and loyal to his patients. I was referred to him by a close friend who had the same surgical procedures that I had inquired about. (Tummy tuck, full back lipo, breast lift with implants, inner thigh lipo, lipo of the chin, belly button removal and replacement). Her procedures were done a year earlier and she had remarkable results so I was extremely excited and comfortable to have it done too.

I am a medical assistant and am very cautious about having operations out of the country but rest assure, everything was done in a sterile, controlled environment. I made the trip to the Dominican Republic by myself and never worried about transportation, hotel stay, clinic location or cost. It was already discussed in detail and coordinated by Dr Hernandez. I stayed at a well-managed recovery home that was staffed by its owner and her friendly staff for the entire recovery time recommended by Dr Hernandez based on the many surgical procedures I requested. I highly recommend staying at a recovery home verses a hotel. The food and personal medical attention was included in the price.

The day of the procedure, Dr Hernandez and I discussed in dept the different surgical procedures he was willing to do for me all in one day. He mentioned he would not do surgical procedures that would not compliment my body frame. I let him decide what was best for me, after all, he was the subject matter expert. The entire medical staff spoke both English and Spanish fluently so all my questions were answered as clearly as needed. I never felt like I wasn’t getting all the information needed to make life changing surgical decisions. I say life changing because that is exactly what happened to me.

I am fully satisfied with the results. My family has noticed the self-esteem boost and increase in self-confidence that shined from me when returned back to the states. I had a wonderful experience and love the outcome! I highly recommend you consider contacting Dr Hernandez and his professional staff when you decided you’re ready for a life changing experience! Dr Hernandez continues to contact me on a monthly basis…he’s a true professional!


Mercedes | Miami,Fl. | [email protected]

Dr. Hernandez. I would like to express my gratitude to you and your staff at Clinica Plasticenter. The results of my surgery are like a dream-come-true for me. I am looking forward to shopping for and finally being able to wear the types of things I would not have never considered before. The care I have received through my surgery and follow up have been exceptional. I am happy with my new breast and would gladly recommend your practice to anyone considering a similar procedure.

Dr.Hernandez. Me gustaría expresarle mi gratitud a usted y todo el personal de su clínica PLASTICENTER. El resultado de mi sueño que se me hizo realidad. Ahora puedo ir de compra y buscar sin miedo todo lo que me gustaría usar algo que me era imposible antes.Lo que usted hizo de mi en la cirugía de mis implantes es grandioso. Estoy bien contenta con mi nuevo cuerpo me veo sensacional. Lo recomiendo con toda confianza. Vivo en la ciudad de Miami, no tengan miedo de visitar, ellos les ayudan en todo. Dr.H lo tengo en mi lista para mi próxima cirugia.Mil gracias a usted y su personal .


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