Testimonios de Pacientes

Lori | Orlando, Fl | [email protected]

I consulted with Dr. Hernandez regarding a breast augmentation and liposuction. During our consultation, he made a recommendation to me regarding plastic surgery on my eyes. I have always had bags under my eyes and the skin on my eye lids was drooping making me feel very self conscious about myself. I respected him so much for making that recommendation and I decided to do my eyes first. . Dr. Hernandez did an amazing job and I look 10 years younger. He and his staff were very friendly and professional.

Dr. Hernandez is a very strict doctor who expects you to follow his instructions and he is very confident about his work and happy to answer all of your questions. Plastic surgery with Dr. Hernandez has been an amazing experience and I would not have attempted this surgery in the United States. I was given excellent care by every person at the facility. The surgical center is very beautiful and it exceeded my expectations for cleanliness. I look forward to having my augmentation and lipo in the near future with Dr. Hernandez. It makes me smile when I think of the treatment I received and it makes me happy to know that I can have surgery performed outside of the United States for a fraction of the cost with superior results. Feel free to email me with any questions

Orlando, Fl

Gejuana | [email protected]

Hello Doctor Hernandez I love the beautiful new body you have given me. I have received so many compliments from especially the men here. And i have referred you to some many of my friends here working with the military. My friends look forward to the long flight from Afghanistan to your office.

You are simply the best. You have done an excellent job on me and my friend Sonja Torres. I enjoyed everyone on your staff. Very professional and friendly .

My Post Op care was the best Angela (Recovery house) is amazing I felt like family in her home and request that all my friend stay with her. She is an excellent person. I grew so attached to her i still call her from Afghanistan. I will come back to visit you guys soon. I highly recommend you to all my friends and family. You are the best.

Your client forever


Helena | Philadelphia | [email protected]

Hi its Helena from Philadelphia all is well!!

Now, i have a very nice butt, and a smaller waist, that is proportional to my figure. My butt was sooo flat and i had a square shape. I had done a liposculpture and butt augmentation.

My confidence level has amazingly increased. the difference in my clothes is significant. I love to get dressed everyday and I’m no longer pulling my shirts over my butt and ashamed to have my once flat butt exposed to others. Dr Hernandez-Pizzoglio, you did a fantastic job.

My everyday life is so much better. I can’t believe that i can now wear clothes that i would have never worn before because now I have a womanly figure.



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