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Kekentia | Killeen, Texas – USA | [email protected]

I was referred to Dr. Hernandez via a military friend, whose family had used the clinic for their cosmetic procedures. I checked out the website and emailed Dr. Hernandez for more information – I asked MANY questions – I think he got sick of all my questions!

My original quote was for the Abdominoplasty and I got a GREAT price!

A few months before I was scheduled to leave I also got a quote for Breast augmentation and lift, and wanted some lipo around my waist and back – again – GREAT price!

When I arrived and met Dr. Hernandez, I found him to be very knowledgeable and personable, but VERY serious about his work. He advised me against doing the lipo on my back, because I am anemic and have low blood count. He was very honest and in no way gave me the impression that he just wanted my money.

Dr Hernandez prepared me for surgery, talked to me before the actual procedure and made me feel very comfortable before I went in. The procedure went BETTER than I expected – me having had past troubles with surgical procedures, I had VERY LITTLE pain in my breasts, and was up and walking around without too much discomfort the day after surgery! I was completely off the pain medications within a week after my surgery!

Dr. Alejandro Hernandez was very professional, and his staff were very accommodating during recovery. When I returned to the states, I honestly thought I would not hear from him again, but he has so far kept in touch – following up two weeks after I returned home and making sure he addressed any other questions/concerns I had promptly and honestly.

I would DEFINITELY recommend Dr. Hernandez and his clinic – my experience was wonderful, and I’ve had GREAT results!

Thanx Dr. H!

Kekentia .

Ketty | [email protected]

I came across Dr. Hernandez through a friend in NJ, she knew someone that had butt augmentation. I had been wanting a tummy tuck for long time, after gaining 30 pounds with my pregnancy my stomach was just hanging, for nearly 3 years I contemplated having a tummy tuck until my friend said I’ll come with you, after talking to Dr. Hernandez we set up a date (July 31st, 2007), I went to his clinic had tests and the very next day I had my long awaited surgery.

I weighed in 192 pounds on his scale and a size 16 on waist, he took before photos of me. The next day I was at the clinic at 7:30am, he gave me a sedative and while he walked me to the pre op room I fell asleep, later that afternoon I woke up about 330pm, I couldn’t believe that it was done, I could not remember a thing just him walking me from his office to the pre-op room. I didn’t feel much pain since I was on medication, that night the nurse slept in room to keep an eye on me. The clinic was very nice and flat lcd tv/phone and bath/shower in your room, the next day I got breakfast and the nurse helped me wash up.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Hernandez, he is a straight up honest person, he will tell it like it is, and does not risks his patients so listen to him! and pls stay the time that he suggests, if he tells you, that have to be there for 10 days then stay there for 10 days this is for a reason, I left my drain in for 10 days until nothing came out, do not be afraid to ask questions. I am extremely happy with my results I went in weighing 192 pounds and went down to 172 pounds 3 weeks later, I went from a size 16 to a size 12, now I have the flat stomach that I dreamed of and my back has no love handles and a waist which I haven’t had in years!

If you have questions, pls contact me!.

Lisette | Puerto Rico | [email protected]

El año pasado me puse a pensar que era tiempo de corregir los estragos de mi cuerpo por mis embarazos. Tengo 42 años con 2 hijos de 17 y 24 años, y me decidí por hacerme abdominoplastia liposucción y levantamiento de senos.

Fui varias consultas médicas pero ningún médico me daba la confianza.

Comencé a buscar otras alternativas fuera de mi país Puerto Rico y a través de internet conseguí al Dr. Hernandez donde lo apodaban el Mago.

Hice la mejor elección, el doctor Alejandro Hernandez te brinda la confianza que necesitas y sobre compresión. Es un profesional por todo lo alto.

Estoy muy contenta con los resultados, tanto que pienso volver para hacerme otros arreglitos.

Lo recomiendo y doy fe de su dedicación como Cirujano Plástico.


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